Cambridge Gallery | Art and Framing

Here at CFA Gallery we offer to the public many high quality services normally only available for the top 3% of art collectors and museums.

Art Logistics

We have shipped items for our client across the state, across the country and across the world.

Depending on the items a full wooden crate with foam liner can be used to help ensure that the piece arrives in the same condition that it left.  

This service is not limited to only standard shapes; we move sculptures too.

Professional Installation Services

We have worked with many designers to help bring their client’s vision to reality.  Weather the piece is going over stairs or 30 feet in the air or a gallery wall, we make sure to complete the job to 100% satisfaction

Artwork Cleaning and Restoration

Art cleaning and restoration services need to be performed by professionals that will take the proper precautions to first do no further damage to the artwork and then they need to take the time to clean and restore the piece correctly.

We have our team of professional cleaning and restoration in a clean (dust free) environment to ensure that the utmost care will be taken for your project.

Digital Photo Restoration

The restoration process for digital works begins with getting the piece in a digital format.  If you only have the physical piece we will scan the item at 600 DPI which is twice as much as giclee printing recommends.  After that our digital restorer will then create their magic and fix your work.

Once the repair is made we then make a giclee print of the file onto your choice of substrate.  We can produce it on Canvas, Cotton Rag Art Paper, Photo Paper, Dibond, Acrylic, Metal and more.

Art Brokerage Services

Unlike many galleries we offer art brokerage service for both the purchasers and the sellers of fine art.  

When a client comes to us looking to acquire a piece we operate with discretion and work through our vast network within the art industry.  We go to other galleries, dealers and private collectors to find the piece.  

In the case of some looking to sell a piece we also use the highest amount of discretion possible.  We work through a network of professionals including art managers and representatives to find a prospective buyer. 

We provide the discretion that auctions do not and with the white glove treatment that you would expect.