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The lovely Marylin Monroe is featured in this stunning mixed media collage. This work truly captures her essence and keeps it alive.

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 2 in

About the Artist

Matthew Ritchie (English, b.1964) is a classically trained sculptor and painter. His work is occasionally compared to Expressionist work, but it lacks the stiffness of the early works of Expressionists. He attended Camberwell School of Art in London from 1983 to 1986, earning a BFA. Additionally, Ritchie attended Boston University during the year of 1982.

The artist participated in his first group exhibition at the Judy Nielson Gallery in Chicago, IL, in 1990. Ritchie did not have a solo show exhibition until 1995, when he presented his work entitled Working Model at Basilico Fine Arts in New York, NY. His work was considered to be a means of bringing together different historical perspectives in an effort to illustrate their similarities. Ritchie is known to scan the drawings that he creates into a computer so that he can then manipulate them and give them a completely different look. In 1996, Ritchie created the first of his interactive pieces, entitled The Hard Way, through combining several of his previous works.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art commissioned Ritchie in 2001 to participate in a program called Additionally, in 2001, The New Place was developed and included such mediums as sculpture, computer games, and painting to express art. The program was intended to examine art forms that could only be expressed and utilized on the Internet. It was here that he and other artists participated in creating stories that were intended for the Internet only. Ritchie was an important part of a group called New Media in the 1980s. This group used various images and digital art to create an interactive platform, even creating games and projects.

In total, Ritchie has participated in more than 25 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group exhibitions. His work has taken him to the 2002 Sydney Biennale, the Guggenheim, and the 2004 São Paulo Art Biennial. Ritchie currently lives and works in New York, where the Andrea Rosen Gallery represents him.