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This Coigny portrays a captivating scence, displayed in a rustic wooden frame.

Dimensions 23.5 × 33 × 1 in

About the Artist

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1946, Christian Coigny has for the past 30 years developed a career in traditional black and white photography in parallel to his work in publicity and fashion. Anchored in a classical education, his work is strongly influenced by American painters such as Edward Hopper, Georgia O?Keefe or Andrew Wyeth, who he discovered during his 5-year stay in San Francisco. Imbued with demure eroticism, his subjects are immersed in a silent environment carried by a sober yet intelligent composition; Volumes and natural light interact to commend the human body with a timeless sensuality.

Beyond the countless advertising campaigns to date (Bon Genie Grieder, Chopard, Hermès, Hublot, etc.), Coigny has more notably been commissionned by Vitra to portray 130 celebrities, from Charles Bukowski to Audrey Hepburn via Allan Ginsberg, Davids Hockney or Dizzy Gillepsie. His artistic practice has already been the focus of no less than six publications and his photographs are to be found in the most prestigious private collections, as well as in museums worldwide. The museum of Lausanne recently hosted a large retrospective exhibition, featuring 70 of his photographs.