Heart Vase


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A one of a kind vase created by well known NYC artist HEKTAD, perfect for sunflowers.

Dimensions 39.5 × 11 × 4 in

About the Artist

Hektad is an inspiring New York City artist and is one of the renowned artists who proudly represents his Bronx roots. His journey in the art world began in 1982 on trains at the age of twelve and ambitiously challenged himself by competing among veteran artists such as Mitch 77 and Chris 217. After an intense twelve years roaming through the congested and restless streets of New York in an effort to spread his love for art and please the tired eyes of busy New Yorkers, Hektad took a well-deserved break to recuperate and focus on his loved ones who are the main source of his inspiration.

Hektad’s return was filled with vengeance and an eye-catching artwork of his tag on a mysterious piano under the Brooklyn Bridge played a pleasing tune in the curious minds of New Yorkers and tourists as it soon became a prop for photo shoots and videos. This had the community and even the news buzzing as to who is Hektad and how did the piano come about on the shore of the East River underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. To his surprise, that mystery caught on like wildfire as more people are eager to get to know Hektad, the artist that made a mystery of a piano into an exciting work of art with a simple sentiment of: “enjoy the piano” and not just an unwanted instrument. As he saw how his artistic gesture moved and inspired the community, he continued to create more artistic pieces on walls all over the Big Apple and soon was sought after by galleries to be featured and by other artists as well who desire to collaborate with him.

Now, he is widening his range in the art world and expanding his mediums while continuing to captivate the attention of locals and tourists with his whimsical and love-filled artwork. A humble Hektad states, “It (art) is not always about the money. I just want to show the world to love art, love each other, and to spread all of that. To the other artists, we share that same idea of showing our love for art, so why not spread that love and work together to inspire others? Let’s get that message across.”