Earl’s Court


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Ritchie Iwanski is and emerging artist that specializes in mixed art; he covers his canvas in vintage newspaper clippings, magazines, flyers, etc. On this Canvas he captures Led Zepplin, which is the artists favortite musician, at Earl’s Court performing with red, blue and white paint outlining the memebers of the band

Dimensions 36 × 48 × 1.5 in

About the Artist

Ritchie Iwanski is a New York artist that pioneers the style of transcendent collage.

His eye catching composition of contemporary centerpieces with authentic vintage clippings tied in with modern pop art accents allows the viewer to be submerged in the artwork and transcends a message.

This dimension of colage is exactly why this unique artist creates work that commands attention from international collections and collectors alike. His popularity is increasing at an exponential rate


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