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Pop artist and Brooklyn native, John Suchy, quite literally creates the perfect Manhattan, all within one glass.

About the Artist

John Suchy waws born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946. His Uncle, John Graham, a self taught Artist introduced him to drawing. Once Suchy finished High School he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where attentedfor three years. After graduating he worked in advertising. In the early seventies while living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan Suchy began drawing staple architectural landmarks and the people who symbolized the culture of New York. Suchy began showing his works along the sidewalks of Manhattan in 1974. While displaying his art on the street he interacted with a wide variety of people. Many of the conversations he had with people concerning art and life in the Big Apple provided him with insperation for his pieces. Since 1980 Suchy has used the Three Dimensional medium for his works. In his words, “It’s a popular medium and I feel it gives a great deal of pop to my work and adds more fun to them.”


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