Igor Maloratsky

Igor Maloratsky was born St Petersburgh, Russia. He was interested in the visual arts from a young age. He started taking photographs in college; one of his first series was of the White Nights and the characters that populate them. He later moved to Moscow where he became an art dealer and gallery owner. In 1991 Igor moved to New York and fell in love with the city, a perfect forum for his art, prints and posters.

While working as a printer with major photolabs in New York, Igor Maloratsky kept working on his art, prints and posters. His career break came in 1997 when an art gallery bought some of his prints. Since then his black and white and color photographs have been featured in many New York galleries. Igor currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

“Every time I look around to take pictures I see something different, something new and fresh that keeps alive my love-affair with this great city. I especially like black and white photographs because the simpler the language, the stronger the sentence. I think it is the ideal medium to capture New York City and its atmospheres. But I also love to photograph New York in color. Some parts of it – like Times Square, or the parades – are so intense themselves only color can really capture them.” Igor Maloratsky on his art, prints and posters