Lauren Betty

Atlanta artist Lauren Betty is known for her energetic and dynamic approach to painting. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, At a young age she developed an affinity for nature as well as an intuitive understanding of the seasons and cycles of life.

Later in her formative years, her family moved to a large city and this transition to the city compelled Betty to search for diverse forms of creative expression in an attempt to reconnect with the natural environment of her youth, ultimately realizing that her passion lay in the visual arts.

Betty focused on the arts at Florida State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, during which she chose metal sculpting as one of her primary art forms. She also excelled in painting, displaying a remarkably colorful, spontaneous, and unique style that reflected her natural impulses.

Her artwork began to represent an intriguing tension between organic, earth tones and vibrant, figurative work. Her abstractions seemed like snapshots, conveying the story of modern experience through the primitive symbols of a universal language.

She has traveled widely in South America, Italy and Germany and many times to Russia with her Russian-born husband. Through travel, her work has matured and developed her sophisticated style