Artwork Cleaning & Restoration

Over time, artwork tends to collect layers of dust and grime, even if it hangs on a wall, behind glass or in a display case. If your artwork look less than spectacular, having them professionally cleaned can revive and restore the pieces while also providing protection and longevity. From photographs to high-value paintings, we care for every item with the utmost respect and attention regardless of its monetary value. If it matters to you, it matters to us. From pick-up to delivery, we employ industry best techniques throughout every step of the art recovery process. We not only restore art we restore memories.

Our team of professionals understand the importance of careful and deliberate handling of damaged art pieces throughout the artwork cleaning and repair process. Our experienced restorers address issues such as discoloration, stains, rips, frame repair, and more. We use careful handling and proprietary chemicals to clean dust, soot, and smoke from paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. Our art cleaning services use environmentally friendly yet effective products to clean artwork of all kinds.  In addition, our experts also take care when handling any artwork repair. From torn canvas to a soot-stained piece of sports memorabilia, you can trust we will restore items safely and effectively. We have fine-tuned our artwork repair process to make it look like damage never happened.

Some of the more common repairs and maintenance that we specialize in are tear mending, retouching, overpaint removal, varnish removal, cleaning, and more.

Tear Mending

We employ a wide range of techniques and methods to restore torn or damaged works on canvas – from small nicks to significant rips and canvas distortions.

This may involve adhesives, thread-by-thread joining, or lining the entire canvas to provide durable support.


Retouching, also known as in-painting, restores the visual integrity of an artwork that may present areas of loss or degradation. Paint is carefully matched to ensure a seamless regeneration of the original image, as the artist intended.

Over-paint Removal

Artwork can suffer from previous conservation attempts, in which the original paint has been covered with poorly matched over-paint. We carefully remove these layers to reveal the painting beneath as the artist intended.

Varnish Removal

Varnish can discolor over time and the integrity of the painting suffers, as its palette, tone and spacial dimensions are corrupted. Careful cleaning removes these layers, revealing the work’s original splendor.


Dirt, grime and other pollutants build up over time and can lead to permanent staining. Cleaning is a delicate process, carried out after thorough testing and examination.