Artlord is a Canadian/American painter and mixed media artist from Vancouver, BC. Having attended the University of British Columbia to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Artlord who is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, was subjected to all styles and mediums of art. Finding a way to combine his traditional artistic learning with his passion for street art and its culture, he has found a medium in which to express his thoughts and commentaries through popular imagery.

Artlord is influenced by the ever changing visuals of pop art, graffiti, and urban culture in today’s chaotic society. Constantly experimenting in various mediums and techniques, his work continues to grow along with the audience he is capturing.

Since 2013 Artlord has shown with galleries from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Vancouver; as well as showing at events such as Art Basel Miami and Los Angeles’s very first Street Art Fair. Just recently Artlord has graced the Julien’s Art Auction catalog alongside artists such as Mr. Brainwash, Banksy, Damien Hurst, and many others.